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Mindfulness for Therapists

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Next course dates:

Online 8 Week Mindfulness & Meditation For Wellbeing Course. Monday evenings from 03 May (7:00-8.30pm).

Mindfully being a therapist course 

Lots of therapists I have worked with have told me that at the end of the day, they often feel drained. This is because while supporting and caring for others is very rewarding work, it can also be demanding, both physically and emotionally.

By incorporating mindfulness techniques into their work, therapists can help to protect their own health and wellbeing. It can help them be more present in themselves. By being more aware of our body and posture, as well as our energy levels and mental state, we become more aware of all the stresses that we encounter over the course of the day – stresses that, if left unchecked, can leave us feeling exhausted. Being aware of these issues as they arise and relating to them differently through mindfulness can transform our relationship to our work challenges.

A Tower of Stones

Mindfully Being a Therapist Course

6 x 1.5 hour sessions
(9 hours of tuition)

This live participation online course teaches mindfulness practices specifically tailored for therapists. The students will learn how to be mindful and how to use mindfulness to improve their grounding, energy, holistic and emotional awareness, as well as learning to make their therapies their own Mindful Way.

Module 1:

Foundations and core practices. (Breathing and body awareness).

Module 2:

Building on the foundations. (Movement and Presence).

Module 3:

Grounding, Energy & Hara development. (Naikan and Ah-Un). 

Module 4:

Developing Holistic Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. (Sitting with emotions).

Module 5:

The way of the therapist. (Creating a personal plan for practice as a Mindful therapist).

Module 6:

Close and review of next steps. (Putting it all together).

Buddha Statue

Delivering Mindful Therapy Course

Two day course
Details and course dates available soon.

This brand new course is in final development and accreditation by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).
It will provide therapists with a qualification in the mindful delivery of the therapies that the student is already qualified to provide. For example, in Mindful Reflexology, Mindful Massage, and Mindful Reiki, among others.

Yoga at Home

Become a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

For course details, dates and prices visit the Zenways web pages via this link:

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Sean Collins trained with Daizan Roshi of Zenways and is a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher trainer for Zenways.

Daizan has this to say of Seán:

“Since he came on Zenways meditation and mindfulness teacher training, I’ve seen a Sean blossom into a first rate teacher of this work. Equally at home in a company boardroom or a forest Sean draws on humour, creativity and a deep personal practice together with a broad range of life experiences to meet his students in a place where they can share non-judgemental presence. I whole-heartedly recommend Sean and his work.”

The Zenways meditation and mindfulness teacher training is unique. It is rooted in the Rinzai Zen tradition. This has a long and distinguished history of teaching meditation for boosting physical and mental health and wellbeing, as well as for grounding, insight, and self-understanding. This course teaches the practices that go beyond simply being good for you. The meditations taught can lead to you finding your true self and living your most powerful life.​

Feedback on Seán as a teacher trainer:

Sean’s tuition was amazing! He made it all easy to take in and retain as well as give us lots of tips from his own experience which is invaluable. I feel confident in taking what I’ve learnt forward when I get home. - Claire Homan (2016)

Sean has a devoted passion to the Zenways material and mindfulness as a whole. He made it real, interesting and very practical. Go for it! Be curious and experimental in the safe environment. — Jackie Taylor (2016)

Sean is a wonderful teacher – full of humour, warmth and guidance. I believe I could really teach the 8 week course now, truly. If you feel ready to guide others from the heart and not the bank account, sign up immediately. — Jason Bond (2017)

Whilst the practices are suitable for everyone students would need some prior experience of at least an introduction to the foundational practices. If you are unsure if your prior experience is suitable please contact Mindfulness and Meditation to discuss.

Students will need to commit to some home practice of about 15 minutes each day. Over this 4 week course you will learn to utilise the skills and practices of Mindfulness to specific challenging areas of your life. In each session we will learn one of these practices and how we can embed them in our daily activity.

For course bookings or enquiries please email


The prices shown for each course are the standard figures.

Concessions are also available: please email for concession details.

Please check the site for our promotions and offers at the time of booking.

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