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Mindfulness and Meditation Courses

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Online 8 Week Mindfulness & Meditation For Wellbeing Course.

Monday evenings from 03 May ​

1-1 online courses available on request.​

A Tower of Stones

Meditation and Mindfulness for Wellbeing

8 weeks
1.5 hours per class

This course promotes physical and mental health by developing the practice of simply being in the present moment. There is an ever-growing mass of well-documented evidence for the beneficial effects of this style of meditation including stress relief, treatment of depression, emotional and physical pain.

Buddha Statue

Mindfulness and Meditation for Insight

8 weeks
1.5 hours per class

This course teaches practices that go beyond simply being good for you. The meditations taught can lead to you finding your true self and living your most powerful life.

Yoga at Home

Day Retreats

Approximately 7 hours

These retreats are held both indoors and outdoors in the natural surroundings of a beautiful woodland. They are available in either the Mindfulness or Insight Meditation formats and are suitable for both complete beginners and experienced meditators.

The retreats are held in private woodland and offer a fantastic opportunity to take your meditation practice to a whole new level whilst experiencing the natural surroundings. The one day retreat will be a mixture of formal teachings plus some extended practices, both sitting and walking. All students will also have the opportunity for some 1-1 teaching to enhance their personal practices.

A Tower of Stones

Intensive Retreats

24 hours

These 24 hour intensive retreats are more suitable for people with prior experience of meditation (although beginners are also welcome and will be supported throughout).

Held in a beautiful private woodland, these intensive periods will include similar content to the shorter day course but with extended periods of silent contemplation and 1-1 guidance. The retreat will then continue with two extended meditations; the first as a group meditation around a fire and then meditations as individuals. You can choose to do your own meditation by your fire through the night or to simply sleep. It's your experience and so, it's completely up to you.

The traditional approach would be for the 24 hour period to also be a period of fasting. However, this will be left to the individual student's own choice, and if students do not wish to participate in the 24 hour fast period they will need to bring their own food. The 24 hours will conclude with a very simple shared meal which will be prepared over an open fire. This meal will be provided.

A Tower of Stones


£40 for half day

£70 for full day

These workshops are available in either the Mindfulness or Insight Meditation formats.

In our Standard Workshops, aimed at introducing practices to beginners, participants will leave having mastered two mindfulness meditations which they can continue to practice. Advanced Workshops are aimed at those with some prior experience of meditation or mindfulness although novices would also be welcomed.

Tailored workshops can either be pre-tailored for particpants or participants can agree on the day of the workshop from a list of subjects such as: pain relief, emotional issues, relationships, stresses, elevated performance, home and work practices and many more.

Buddha Statue

One-to-One and Skype Courses

1 - 3 hours £40 per hour
4 + hours £30 per hour
12 hours (8 week one to one course) £250

One-to-one teaching charges are based on hourly rates which are bookable in blocks. The prices assume venue hire. If you are providing the venue then deduct £5 from the rates shown.

All of the Mindfulness and Meditation courses are available as a one-to-one course either in person or via Skype or telephone. These are good for students who may find the direct interaction with a teacher more beneficial or whose location prevents them from attending one of our classes.

One-to-one courses will typically be conducted with one meeting or Skype call per week plus a mid-week review of progress via email. If you are interested in a one-to-one course please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

Whilst the practices are suitable for everyone students would need some prior experience of at least an introduction to the foundational practices. If you are unsure if your prior experience is suitable please contact Mindfulness and Meditation to discuss.

Students will need to commit to some home practice of about 15 minutes each day. Over this 4 week course you will learn to utilise the skills and practices of Mindfulness to specific challenging areas of your life. In each session we will learn one of these practices and how we can embed them in our daily activity.


The prices shown for each course are the standard figures.

Concessions are also available: please email for concession details.

Please check the site for our promotions and offers at the time of booking.

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