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Mindfulness and Meditation in Business

For course bookings or enquiries please email

Business Taster Sessions


There are rafts of research and evidence that there are real benefits to individuals and businesses from practising mindfulness. Improved performance, concentration, creativity and working relationships as well as reduced sickness, accidents and absence are all recorded benefits.

However, knowing all of that doesn't actually tell you a lot about mindfulness.

There are many questions that people might have such as:

What is it really like? Does it take a lot of time? Do I have to be physically fit or flexible? Do I need special equipment? Am I going to like it? Am I going to be able to do it?

The best way to know the benefits of mindfulness and to answer all those questions is to try it. Mindfulness and Meditation are offering to run free one hour taster sessions for local businesses or organisations at their premises where there are 6 or more attendees.

Tailoring for your Business Needs


In addition to a one hour free session, we will consult with your nominated contacts to understand the specific needs of your business. From this, we will design our proposed solution which will incorporate a tailored package of training in mindfulness and meditation techniques along with a delivery plan and fees.

One Year of Free Business Support


Businesses that undertake either an eight week course or a one day workshop will automatically receive one year of free support.

This will provide course attendees with ongoing guidance and encouragement for twelve calendar months after the course completion date. This will typically include availability of one-to-one support via email or telephone, a quarterly newsletter including tips and advice, notification of local mindfulness activities or events and an invitation to an annual free mindfulness day for past students.

Meditation and Mindfulness for Wellbeing in the Workplace

Typically £250 per attendee
8 weeks
1.5 hours per class

This course in Mindfulness and Meditation promotes complete wellbeing within the workplace through developing mindfulness practice. These courses are developed and tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of individual organisations.

There is an ever-growing mass of well-documented evidence for the beneficial effects of this style of meditation including stress relief, treatment of depression, emotional and physical pain as well as developing emotional intelligence and creativity.


Group price of up to 40 participants
£500 for half day
£800 for full day

These workshops are available in either the Mindfulness for wellbeing in the workplace format or in tailored forms to meet business needs. These could include options such as mindfulness for stress management, change in leadership, improved business relationships, developing creativity or mastering work-life balance.

Workshop contents can be pre-tailored or participants can agree on the day of the workshop from a list of subjects such as pain relief, emotional issues, relationships, stresses, elevated performance, home and work practices and many more.

One-to-One and Skype Courses


All of the Mindfulness and Meditation courses are available as a one-to-one course either in person or via Skype or telephone.

The prices shown with each course description are typical figures. A written quotation specific to your business needs can be prepared after an initial free consultation.

Concessions are available for not for profit organisations so please email for details.

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